About Us

Sony Pictures Stock Footage is the industry's most prolific provider of feature-quality 4K, HD and 35mm film content, offering unparalleled access to over 160,000 stock footage clips originally filmed for Sony Pictures Entertainment’s feature films and television programs. The library’s comprehensive collection of premium and traditional stock footage provides advertising agencies and production companies more creative options than ever before while saving them the time and expense of shooting footage themselves.

Content highlights include:

   - over 160,000 clips pulled from Columbia Pictures, TriStar Pictures, Screen Gems and Sony Pictures Television productions
   - one-of-a-kind, blockbuster production shots
   - over 4,000 unique footage categories
   - the most comprehensive collection of stunts and pyrotechnics available in the world
   - a vast collection of aerial cinematography spanning the globe
   - moving POV backplates (car plates, train plates, plane plates)
   - covereage of major cities throughout the US and the world
   - nature, scenic landscapes, and wildlife
   - home and building establishers
   - planes, trains, and automobiles
   - military footage
   - historical re-enactments and period establishers
   - and much, much more

Sony Pictures Stock Footage is a full-service resource offering free research. If you can't find it on the web or you don't have the time, contact us with your request!